Saké Culture
Ticket Price: $79
Friday, Sep 29 6:30 PM (Sold Out)

Come learn all about saké and how the Japanese really drink it. We’ll cover the basics of Japan’s national drink then get into the real fun, discovering all the special ways to enjoy it.

What you can expect:
  • 1 welcome saké cocktail.
  • 6 tasting pours of saké.
  • A small tasting plate with an assortment of flavors to pair with saké.
  • Palate-cleansing bread.
  • 2 hours of instruction, including Q & A time with an Astor Center instructor.
What you will learn:
  • Saké production methods and quality grades.
  • The customs and traditions associated with drinking saké.
  • Food pairings that highlight saké’s unique flavors.
  • How to taste saké and what to look for in a good bottle.

Level: Beginner
Good For: Saké Enthusiast, Saké Curious, Date Night, Fun with Friends
Style: Guided Tasting
Food Served: Small Tasting Plate