Meet the Master Blender: Dr. Don Livermore of Lot 40, Pike Creek Whisky & More
Ticket Price: $65
Wednesday, Dec 4 6:30 PM

Join the 2019 Canadian Whisky Awards Master Blender of the Year, Dr. Don Livermore of Hiram Walker Distillery, as he dives into the history, production, and various styles of Canadian whisky. He’ll break down misconceptions surrounding Canadian whisky’s 150-year-old history and share his deep appreciation for this unique spirit. From different distillation styles to maturation and blending (or not!), you’ll learn the science behind creating flavor as you taste through expressions from the award-winning distillery at Hiram Walker.

This class is 1.5 hours long, including a Q&A session with award-winning Master Blender of the Year, Dr. Don Livermore of Hiram Walker Distillery.

What you will learn:

  • The history of Canadian whisky
  • How Canadian whisky is distinct from other whiskies of the world and what makes it special
  • Dr. Don Livermore’s role at the Corby-run brands of Hiram Walker Distillery, including J.P. Wiser, Pike Creek, Lot 40, and more
  • How to find the full complexity of Canadian whiskies through a guided tasting

Level: Beginner
Style: Meet the Master Blender + Guided Tasting
Good for: Whisky event NYC, Whiskey tasting class, Things to do in NYC in December

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