Mezcal Cocktails
Ticket Price: $85
Saturday, Aug 10 3:00 PM

Cocktails are the number one way people get introduced to new spirits, and Mezcal is no exception. With a bolder flavor profile than Tequila, there are endless options when it comes to mixing delicious drinks. Since Mezcal is typically a small-batch and artisanal spirit, it’s important to know which styles are suited for cocktails. In this hands-on workshop we will create three Mezcal cocktails while learning the basics of Mezcal production and flavor profiles.

Classes are 2 hours long, including a Q&A session with Astor Center Instructor Tess Rose Lampert.

What you can expect:

  • 1 Welcome cocktail
  • 3 Hands-on opportunities to make cocktails
  • Palate-cleansing bread & cheese
  • A 10% discount on all spirits tasted to use in-store after class

What you will learn:

  • An understanding of Mezcal and how it’s produced
  • The basics of mixology
  • How to make built, shaken, and stirred cocktails
  • Guidelines for making Mezcal cocktails

Level: Beginner
Style: Hands-on Workshop
Food Served: Bread & Cheese
Good for: Mezcal tasting NYC, NYC events, mixology classes NYC

What people are saying about this instructor:

“Tess was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable about Agave Spirits and the information she shared was relevant and interesting. Very happy with her class!”