Two glasses of red wine next to window
Ticket Price: $125
Wednesday, Aug 7 6:30 PM

Delve deeper into Bordeaux in the sequel to "Left Bank vs. Right Bank." We'll explore a higher tier of wines from top producers and discuss details on individual vintages, aging, and drinking windows. This is a great next step if you’ve taken the previous class, or if you’re a Bordeaux enthusiast eager to learn (and taste) more!

Classes are 2 hours long, including a Q&A session with Astor Center Instructor Jim Clarke.

What you can expect:

  • 4 Tasting pours of Left Bank Bordeaux
  • 4 Tasting pours of Right Bank Bordeaux
  • 1 Tasting pour of a sweet Bordeaux
  • A mix-&-match tasting plate
  • A 20% discount on all wines tasted to use in-store after class

What you will learn:

  • How soil, climate, and viticulture impacts Bordeaux wines
  • Wine “vintage” and its importance to the Bordeaux region
  • How long to age Bordeaux wines
  • Tasting and discussing wines
  • The global influence of Bordeaux on wine production

Level: Advanced
Style: Lecture + Tasting
Food Served: Mix & Match Tasting Plate
Good for: Bordeaux class, Wine tasting in NYC, August wine events in NYC

What people are saying about this instructor:

“I really appreciated how Jim was able to demonstrate how the weather of a particular vintage impacted the wine—connecting it to the minerality, fruit, and alcohol content. Well done. ”