Loire Valley Wines
Ticket Price: $89
Monday, Mar 18 6:30 PM

Astor Wines & Spirits President Andy Fisher shines a light on one of the most fascinating wine regions in France. You’ll get into the grapes, growers, and techniques while tasting a selection of extraordinary wines. The delicious diversity of the Loire Valley will absolutely win you over.

Classes are 2 hours long, including a Q&A session with the President of Astor Wines & Spirits, Andy Fisher.

What you can expect:

  • 1 Welcome wine
  • 7 Tasting pours of wines from the Loire Valley
  • A mix-&-match tasting plate

What you will learn:

  • The grapes and wine styles of the Loire Valley
  • An understanding of terroir and how it’s employed by winemakers in Loire
  • The history and stories of growers in the region
  • Methods used in the Loire by small producers, including biodynamic viniculture and natural winemaking
  • Insight into Andy Fisher’s unique experiences in wine, with over 40 years in the industry

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Style: Lecture + Tasting
Food Served: Mix-&-Match Tasting Plate
Good for: Wine class NYC, Things to in NYC around the holidays, Wine event NYC

What people are saying about this instructor:

“I enjoyed the class and learned exactly what I hoped and a little more. Mr. Fisher was great at sharing his knowledge. I enjoyed the wines he picked, the flow of the lecture and tasting—plus his humor was a great bonus.”