Tequila Cocktail Lab
Ticket Price: $79
Friday, Jan 12 6:30 PM

When it comes to tequila, margaritas are just the beginning. Get to know this wild spirit by making cocktails with premium ingredients that highlight tequila’s natural flavors. Salud!

What you can expect:
  • 1 welcome tequila cocktail.
  • Make 3 of your own distinct tequila cocktails—by stirring, shaking, and muddling.
  • Palate-cleansing chips and cheese.
  • 2 hours of education, including a Q&A session with an Astor Center instructor.
What you will learn:
  • What makes tequila an excellent base spirit.
  • Tequila production techniques and flavor profiles.
  • How to prepare well-balanced tequila cocktails.
  • The mixers and ingredients that boost tequila cocktails.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate Imbibing
Style: Hands-On Cocktail Class
Food Served: Chips & Cheese
Good for: Spirits Curious, Spirits Enthusiast, Cocktail Curious, Cocktail Enthusiast

What people are saying about this instructor:
“Had a really enjoyable evening. Tess did a fantastic job. Learned a lot.”