Our History

The De Vinne Press Building: Present

We’re very lucky to be here: in New York, downtown, in NoHo, part of the Village. Because in this neck of the woods, if you take the road less traveled, you’re sure to pick up some good company along the way.

Astor Wines & Spirits has always embraced our Village heritage of unconventional thinking and independent behavior. We have always honed our selections to what was best, rather than what was most popular; we never used other people’s wine ratings, but rather have always relied on our fearless wine buyers, who taste thousands upon thousands of wines each year and make selections based on their palates. And of course, we have always been emboldened by clients who share our passion for discovery and autonomy.

We recently went it alone again, vacating our home of over fifty years at the corner of Astor Place – an ideal retail location that, according to everyone else, we were out of our minds to give up. But we knew we could do more: we wanted to take better care of our wines; to be more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible; to offer our customers an even better selection and an unrivaled shopping experience. And so we moved – and in doing so built a truly magnificent store. Our intrepid customers followed, and, thanks to them, we’re doing better than ever.

But that’s not the whole story. And that’s not all we decided to build.

Directly above Astor Wines & Spirits, we have built three unique spaces which together comprise a facility unlike anything else in the city – or the world, for that matter. We wanted to create an environment conducive to the sort of progressive thinking that has suited us so well in the past – to build a place that would facilitate exchanges between winemakers and wine drinkers; between Michelin-starred chefs and masters of the Manhattan apartment kitchen; between omnivores and herbivores; between legendary cookbook authors and razor-sharp restaurant bloggers; between politicians and pig farmers. More than just a place to take a wine class or watch a celebrity chef wield a blow-torch, at Astor Center we’re building a concept – a new approach to education, a new way of exchanging ideas, a new forum for discussing that which brings us together around the table.