The Elements of Wine

The Elements of Wine

with Andrew Fisher
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The Study at Astor Center

Andy Fisher, President of Astor Wines/Astor Center, teaches the basics of wine tasting and food pairing in this hands-on, plain-language tasting class. As you taste through a flight of incredible wines, Andy will draw on his 40 years of experience to help you understand them. By the end of this tasting, you will know what to look for in any wine, why certain wines work well with certain foods, and how to make any wine taste better by serving it correctly.

The wines have been carefully chosen to illustrate the seven most important taste features of wine, and the best way to learn is through a guided tasting. This rule applies to food pairing as well, so Andy will also show you how different foods can change your perceptions of the wines (and vice versa). You’ll leave with a solid understanding of the simple, straightforward principles of tasting wine and pairing wine with food.