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Wines of Spain: Classics Revisited
with Andrew Fisher
Join Andy Fisher, President of Astor Wines & Spirits and Astor Center, on a tasting tour of Spain’s most important more
Wines of Germany
with Jim Clarke
High-quality, sophisticated, and endlessly drinkable. This sums up the red and white wines coming out of Germany today. Riesling is just the tip of the iceberg; Germany more
Wines of Tuscany
with Lisa Saunders
Taste your way through Tuscany from the breathtaking coasts to the rolling hills as we explore the wines of this iconic region. In this Tuscan escape, will cover more
Whisky Smackdown: Scotch vs. Bourbon
with Robin Robinson
Explore the worlds of American bourbon and Scotch whisky in this iconic installment of the “Whisky Smackdown” series. You’ more