Fortified Wine Workshop: Port, Sherry, Madeira

Fortified Wine Workshop: Port, Sherry, Madeira

with Kristina Sazama
Price: $79.00

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The Kitchen at Astor Center

In this intimate workshop-style class in the Astor Center Kitchen, learn how fortified wines are made, what makes them unique, and how you can incorporate these incredibly versatile wines into your repertoire and at your dinner table. From vineyard, to cellar, to glass, hear the history, understand the diverse terroirs, and learn about the amazing age-ability of these wines.

To demonstrate the versatility and range of wine styles presented in these selections, we will taste samples of Sherry, Port and Madeira, ranging from dry to sweet, and from youthful to decades-old. We will also provide a spread of cheeses, nuts, dried fruit and more to experiment with pairing possibilities. The small round-table tasting format is a great opportunity for participant-directed discussion, so bring your curiosity and your questions!

Learning objectives:
  • Learn what makes a wine 'fortified'
  • A brief historical background to provide context for these wine styles
  • An overview of the 3 geographical production areas
  • Understanding the differences between Port, Sherry and Madeira
  • An overview of the different unique production techniques used for these wines styles
  • Delve deeper into the different styles represented in each of the categories
  • Explore through tasting, the flavor profile of each of these wines styles

Guests will receive:
  • One welcome beverage
  • Six tasting pours of wines (2 sherries, 2 ports, 2 Madeiras)
  • A light assortment of cheeses, nuts, dried fruits and more for pairing
  • Two hours of education, including time for Q&A with an Astor Center instructor

Start learning about fortified wine before your class: