The Origins of Flavor in Scotch Whisky

The Origins of Flavor in Scotch Whisky

with Daniel Fisher
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The Study at Astor Center

This seminar will guide burgeoning whisky enthusiasts and veterans alike along an in-depth exploration of flavor through the lens of the world’s most beloved spirit, Scotch.

You’ll learn the different production methods and their impact on what we care about most: flavor. Much of the flavor in whisky comes from oak, but flavor can also come from the grain, the fermentation, the blend, or the choices made when making the “cuts” (between the heads, hearts and tails of the distillate). As we taste through different examples of flavor, we’ll pinpoint their origins in the production process. We’ll also explore the regional variations that exist as we discover why and how each specific style developed over time.

Most importantly, you’ll learn your individual style preferences and how to verbalize them so that you can branch out from your go-to brands and truly discover the breadth of deliciousness the whisky world has to offer.