Whisky Smackdown: Irish vs. Japanese

Whisky Smackdown: Irish vs. Japanese

with Robin Robinson
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The Study at Astor Center

Donkeys vs. elephants, Android vs. Apple, King Kong vs. Godzilla - everywhere you go, there’s challenge and competition. Now, we’re going to pit our favorite whiskies against each other to see which ones come out on top.

We'll put Irish and Japanese whiskey into the ring this time for three rounds of serious smackdown action. You’ve heard of trade wars; these are Grain Wars. Each country pursues its own individual path to getting grain to go brown in the bottle. Each has its own approach to distillation, aging, and wood use. Both love pot stills, both have been equally traditional and modern in their utility, and both are releasing new expressions every year. But an Irish whiskey with sushi? A Japanese whisky with a pickle back? We’ll get to the bottom of the barrel with comparative tastings of six whiskies, a lighthearted quiz, and lots of information to help you decide which side of the glass (and world) you're drinking from.